I love transmog! No longer is my style ruined by a mismatched belt or last tiers gloves with an otherwise full current set. Or how about a main-hand/off-hand combo that just looks wrong together. Never again!

Priest Transmog
Shaman Transmog

I try to avoid using full tier for my transmog sets. While most are gorgeous for Priests, I find they are a tad over used, especially tiers 5 and 6, Avatar and Absolution.

For my Shaman it's a lot harder to find pieces that match with each other so she tends to stick with the same mog for quite awhile.

Some of my sets contain pieces which are class specific or no longer obtainable in game but there are plenty of alternatives available!

All sets are made using the add-on MogIt. If you don't have it, I highly recommend it!