Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bloody, Bloody Coins...

I had pretty much ignored this element of the Timeless Isle for the longest time. I love to PvP, but I was not so keen on killing members of my own faction as well. It seems cruel and doesn't really promote a healthy sense of community. Trolling is already high in trade and general chats. I had bought my Censer of Eternal Agony (1,000 Timeless coins from Speaker Gulan) early on, just for the achievement.
Using the censer turns you pink!
I had been discussing it with a friend, Healycow, on Barthilas and he said he still had plenty to go. We were both free, so decided to group up and see who we could find to kill on his server, since it's PvP. In the first hour I had over 30 coins and he had almost as many!

Of all of our kills on the first night, I'd say less than 5% were actually alliance players, which made me feel pretty bad. Luckily, Barthilas hasn't been my main server since Cataclysm so, I don't have to worry too much about any enemies I make. Amusingly, I almost attacked a Frostwolf! Saundin was on Barthilas for a Celestials group when I targetted him and noticed his name!

Aside from raiding, Bloody Coins are the reason I am logging on lately, pestering my friends on PvP realms for invites. While often they want to join me for some PvP, you will remain on their server while you are grouped even if they need to log out, so alts are handy too! I have alts on Barthilas Horde and Frostmourne Alliance who can invite anyone who wants to farm coins on Oceanic!

Items such as [Odd Polished Stone], [Kang's Bindstone], [Aqua Jewel] can help mask the fact that you have the censer buff, especially if players aren't showing name plates. Eternal Warrior's Sigil is really good for getting your health back up fast after using the censer (Very helpful if any sneaky rogues are stalking you!) Cursed Swabby Helmet helps if you want to gank people as they are killing Evermaw! Evil... I know.  

Bloody Coins can be used to purchase the following items:
Pouch of White Ash - 20 Bloody Coins 
Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast - 500 Bloody Coins
Vengeful Porcupette  - 100 Bloody Coins
Fire-Watcher's Oath  - 50 Bloody Coins
Black Ash - 1 Bloody Coins
Not the most attractive mount, which people often mentioned when raging about being killed. 'Enjoy your ugly Mushan!'
I am currently on 613 of 2000 that I need for the Fire-Watcher achievement, which was fortunately nerfed from 10,000. Still a long way off, but getting there! If anyone isn't planning on farming the coins and needs a Vengeful Porcupette, I see many of them in my future, let me know if you want one!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vanquisher Veluxia

It took a long time. I was beginning to wonder if we had been eligible at all for the titles from the Arena Tournament. Navimie posted today that she still hadn't received hers and wondered if she were eligible also, so I went to have a look at the Arena Pass forum. The first post I looked at had a reply from Buckybadger saying he had received his title today. A quick check of his armory showed he had! I logged in to submit a ticket. 1 day 17 hours, was the wait time. 'Ug, it's ok, I'm sure I will have it some time tomorrow'. I went to run some errands, when I got home I logged on and a few minutes later I got the Feat of Strength! 'WHAT?! LOL!' Then a GM wanted to talk to me about it. Well, I don't need a GM now but YAY! :D

I played a Priest on the tourny realm so it seems fitting that I screenshot my Priest on live with the title, even if she isn't getting much love this expansion.
It was a long wait for the pets too, I can't remember if I posted about him, I certainly haven't leveled him yet... Realllllllllly should get to that.

Murkimus the Gladiator

If you think you were eligible, submit a ticket and get your title!
The tourny was a lot of fun and if the rewards ever change I would love to do it again! Thank you so much to my team mates - Arvash, Sparklebeard, Zeirah, and Disconcur and to our regular opponents and friends, Navimie, Shab and Sev for the fun times. Gratz all!

Monday, December 9, 2013

In Which Luxy Plays Other Games and Neglects WoW and Blogging

I can't put my finger on it exactly, but something about 5.4 hasn't been right for me. In the beginning, I was upset about the state of Elemental DPS. It got better a few weeks in, however I still wasn't into 5.4. The Celestial Tournament was fun but at this point, I still only have 2 of the pets and can't seem to make myself do it. The achievements on the Timeless Isle were a mix between way too easy and ridiculously time consuming. I still have a lot of farming for items for rare spawns, as well as a lot of rep farming to do.

I think I tend to slow down on my play time at the end of expansions, though it isn't usually until beta is available. I have still been logging on for raids, that won't stop anytime soon! I miss hanging out with my WoW friends as much as I used to though, some of them need to try out some other games with me!

So, what have I been playing?

Trouble in Terrorist Town
TTT is a game mode created for Garry's Mod (a sandbox physsic game using a modified Source engine). You play as a group of terrorists with one or more traitors in the midst. The group has to work out who the traitor is, while the traitor is trying to take out the other terrorists. The innocent 'terrorists' are expected to have evidence before shooting, and there will be one or more detectives who can be called to scan DNA on any corpses that are found. Being the traitor is fun! I somehow happen to spawn right next to the same person pretty often (Poor Rocker!) He takes a Deagle to the face pretty well though.
Innocent Luxy!
Rooftops is my favourite TTT map.
Prop Hunt
Prop Hunt is essentially 'Hide and Seek' only way cooler! Also on Garry's Mod, you choose an item on the map, disguise yourself as it, and can either hide in plain sight hoping the hunters don't see you, or find somewhere sneaky to hide. As a prop you have a 'taunt', a noise which plays to help people find you. The sounds can be really short, or quite long. One of the taunts is a song played on a loop which I always seem to get when I have a really good hiding spot and someone asks me to taunt.
I am the radio, the human at the back hasn't chosen a prop yet, not very stealthy!
Oooooh, boy. DayZ is a mod for ARMA 2 (A military simulator, which I have never actually played. I bought the game specifically for DayZ). It's a multiplayer, open world, survival horror mod. You are a survivor of a zombie outbreak, trying to stay alive by finding food, medical supplies and weapons to fend off zombies and other players (the latter being the real danger). I choose to play DayZ as a 'hero' meaning I do very little killing of other players, preferring to help my friends by gathering things they need and giving them medical aid when needed. A lot of my friends play as 'bandits' which means they kill most other players on sight! Scary!
Bandaging a bandit!
I drive a lot of vehicles in DayZ. I crash a lot as well. So much so that when I die, comments are often made in chat about it being due to my poor driving skills.
Broo's amazing paint skills depicting my amazing driving skills!
A standalone version of DayZ has been in the making for some time now. To be honest, it's going to be very different to the mods I have been playing. I don't think I am going to enjoy it for the same reason I currently enjoy it, but I am looking forward to trying it.

The Ship
A crazy man has invited you on to his cruise ship. Sounds legit, right? The catch? You have to kill another passenger! While you are hunting, someone else is hunting YOU! The ships have various weapons which you can use to murder your quarry, all of which will award you a different monetary value at the end of the round. You also have 'needs' that you are required to deal with while you are scouring the ship for your victim. You need to eat and drink, sleep, shower, read and even use the bathroom. Some of your needs will see you die if you don't take care of them, while others will just make you smell terrible! 
Poor guy...
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
I was never a Sonic lover, I preferred Mario, while my sister was a huge Sonic fan. This game, however... is pretty much Mario Kart and I looooooove it! Both the single and multiplayer modes are super fun. I just wish my sister didn't have such terrible internet right now so we could play together (with 2000km between us to stop us reverting to bratty, hair-pulling rivals)
The crowd are cheering for my character! AMY! AMY! AMY! AMY! AMY! AMY!
I actually spent a lot of time idling in WoW tonight, which is something I haven't done for a long time. I think it's Sonic time though... :D