Thursday, May 28, 2015

Not So Regular

As an achievement hunter, the achievements for doing nothing are usually seen as free point to bump up my total, but there is one I haven't been so keen on.
I hated the outhouse quest in Grizzly Hills as Alliance, and I've always disliked any quest related to picking up or rifling through poo!

I commented to a couple of friends about how much I disliked it, and there were a lot of comments in guild initially when people where getting the achievement. I refused to get it as a joke at first, thinking I would just log on when no one was on to click the outhouse for the points but then as time went by and I still hadn't clicked on the outhouse I decided it would be the last garrison achievement I get.
People keep threatening to use the Swapblaster on me, or cast Leap of Faith to put my character so close to the outhouse that I accidentally click on it. This would be easiest in the Level 2 Alliance garrison, I have almost clicked it a couple of times, panicking a little as I realise just how close my cursor is to those 5 points!

Inb4 the addition of even more outhouses and achievements like [Potty Trained!] - Relieve yourself in every outhouse. Ew, and let's hope we never see any rares toys or pets gained by using the outhouse! YUCK! Tbh, I am surprised there aren't any yet.
With more garrison achievements being added in 6.2, it looks like I will have even more time without using the outhouse, making my character as irregular as my blog posts!


  1. I didn't like the quest in Northrend that made me use the outhouse as well but I was more than willing to dive into the one in the garrison for an Achievement. I find the horde outhouse very funny as the orc peons that wander around have a tendency to put their heads through the door and shrug at Z when she's inside it. And there's been a notable occasion or two that Ahm has followed Z inside and basically stood on top of her while she's in there..serious privacy issues there :)
    I'm not sure if the alliance have been manners but it's something I'll have to check out one day.
    Grats on some serious achievement progress, that is a lot of green bars :) I'm working my way there but still a lot of to, especially with more garrison achs coming.

  2. Your poor constipated character!