Thursday, May 16, 2013

5.3 Achievement - The Longest Day

The Longest Day
Complete all of the pet battle daily quests listed below in a single day.

Nicki Tinytech
Flowing Pandaren Spirit
Grand Master Lydia Accoste
Nearly Headless Jacob
Grand Master Nishi
Beasts of Fable Book II
Goz Banefury
Thundering Pandaren Spirit
Zonya the Sadist
Grand Master Yon
Eric Davidson
Grand Master Antari
Grand Master Zusshi
Cassandra Kaboom
Steven Lisbane
Grand Master Aki
Kela Grimtotem
Traitor Gluk
Elena Flutterfly

Reward: Marked Flawless Battle-Stone

I might be crazy but I am really looking forward to this achievement. It's more than 3 times as many as I was doing on a daily basis for the Sack of Pet Supplies while leveling/upgrading my menagerie and that was painful. With miss/dodge the way it currently is, I think people would go out of there way to prevent me from attempting this achievement. No one likes to see an adult (really?) woman throwing a tantrum. The base 5% to dodge being removed and the chance to miss being reduced this achievement hopefully won't have me blubbering like a baby.

Hopefully I will see all of my pet battling buddies at the tamers again. It has been a long a time!


  1. Oh I forgot about this one. I will definitely give it a go just wondering how long it will take. Maybe we should use the stopwatch feature on the day...

    1. Stopwatch is a great idea and will stop me from exaggerating the length of time I spent on it, which I am known to do :P I am expecting it to take a many hours though.

  2. Do all the battles have to be completed on one toon or can it be spread across multiple toons on the same account? If the latter, parking alts on different continents/zones would definitely cut down on travel time.

    1. It probably counts them on any toon. I will still do them all on one though! Travel time is chat time!

  3. Oh I want to try this too, though I need to get past that annoying grand master of Outland before I can even think of being able to do this. I hopefully (fingers crossed) have a few more weeks to work on this.

    1. Oh, that guy is tough! He was always really annoying when I was using 2 25's to boost a lowbie. Good luck with him!

      The next Grand Master gave me even more trouble. Then the last 2 aren't so bad!

  4. I need to prepare for this, I haven't been back to Major Payne since I beat him so I'd better come up with a team for him as I remember he was the only one that gave me fits. Can't wait!

  5. I am going to try this for sure! Though I'm not sure you will see all the same people like we used to - it depends on which day is your longest day :) LOL and I think I need a mage friend to travel with me to make the day go faster LOL.
    I hope it's on one toon. Multiple toons? THAT'S CHEATING!!!

    1. The more I think about it the more I think this could actually take a ridiculous amount of time. Maybe I will do a test run and see how long it all takes!

      I have a mage! Take me with you and I can port you anywhere but Shrine! I will do them on my priest I think, she has a lot of items to make traveling easier.