Monday, May 20, 2013

Rare Spawns Must Die

Whenever I don't have anything to work on in game I am farming in some manner. Lately it has been by killing rares and collecting their baggies. Perhaps a little obsessively!

Small Bag of Goods
Small Bag of Zandalari Supplies
Big Bag of Wonders
Big Bag of Linens
Big Bag of Mysteries
Big Bag of Skins
Big Bag of Arms
Big Bag of Food
Big Bag of Jewels
Big Bag of Herbs
Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies

The Zandalari Supplies seem to have the same contents as the other bags, much like the Big Bag of Mysteries can be any of the other big bags that drop in Townlong Steppes. I do wonder if the Zandalari eat though as I have never seen the Big Bag of Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies contain food.

It was hard to keep myself from opening them as I got them!

I have chosen to spare myself the looks given to hoarders when someone sees their house for the first time by only showing half of my inventory. Much like as a child when told to clean my room I would shove as much as I could into the closet and close the door while pushing the rest under the bed, crossing my fingers behind my back that my parents wouldn't look in there. They always did.

Let's see what's in these bags! I don't have space to open them all so I had to mail things away as I opened each bag.

Gold x1011
Mote of Harmony x72
Windwool Cloth x635
Bolt of Windwool Cloth x38
Heavy Windwool Bandage x56
Eternium Thread  x40 
Fool's Cap x177
Silkweed x68
Green Tea Leaf x142 
Golden Lotus x20
Rain Poppy x53
Snow Lily x89
Spirit Dust x101
Ethereal Shard x25
Sha Crystal x2
Ethereal Shard x11
Pandaren Banquet x20
Great Pandaren Banquet x20
Banana Infused Rum x5
Black Trillium Ore x44
White Trillium Ore x93
Ghost Iron Ore x445
Kyparite x484
Magnificent Hide x5 
Exotic Leather x229
Tiger Opal x11
Roguestone x11
Primordial Ruby x6 
Sun's Radiance x9

This was about 8 hours of flying from spawn to spawn. On top of this was 1500 gold from vendoring the blue items as well as any trash from adds I pulled. 14 BoE epic items from the Krasarang and Jade Forest rares. Multiple Grinder and Aqua Strider and too many rep insignias from the Zandalari Warscouts.

Luckily 5.3 is this week, saving me from laps of Pandaria!