Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Arena Tournament? Not for Luxy!

I was excited to sign up for the arena tourny this year, having neglected it in the past. I really wanted the pet, Murkimus the Gladiator. I quickly went to register when I saw the blue post announcing the commencement, only to find...

WHAAAAAT?! /sadface
I managed to eventually find my way around the new ticketing system to ask for help. The response I got suggested I call them or use live chat to sort it out. Hmph. I don't want to do either of those but ok. I mentioned it on vent after raid, Sev was having the same problems. Live chat was down so I had to wait a little while. Then I got lost in the world of tickets again. After clicking 'Live chat' I was connected rather quickly to a representative. He said he couldn't see any reason on their end why my account was flagged and he asked me to try signing up from a different browser. Internet Explorer? GROSS! I expressed my disgust to him. It didn't work. He then asked me to wait while he spoke to someone else about it, he returned with no solution but assured me that they were looking in to it and would have a fix for it in the next 24 hours, so I should try again then.

I want to speak to an Orc Chat Commander!
Live chat is nifty, I love it! Talking to random people on the phone for any reason is not something I enjoy. My only complaint is that I couldn't change the size of the window. Actually also that my name in the chat was 'you'.

And so I wait... hopefully not too long. Even though I wouldn't get my pet right away, I want to be working on it! I think the tourny lasts 9 weeks so it shouldn't be a problem getting my 50 games in assuming they let me in!

UPDATE: It's working now!! 


  1. Ooh I didnt realise there was a pet for participating in the arena tournament. This is most interesting :)

    1. You don't even need to win! Just participate in 50 games!

  2. Good luck with it. I've been thinking about participating this year. It's been a few years since I did arena though. The pet is the main reason to start up again of course!

  3. Good luck! Im going for title this year ;)