Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 4 - Most Epic Pet Battles

I spent a long time looking for a rare Devouring Maggot. So many hours that I was sure I wasn't going to find one. I was about ready to give up (although I think I am perpetually ready to give up but I can't!) when I finally found one. It was a secondary to Fjord Wolf Pup. I defeated the first two pets and got the maggot low enough to trap with Tina Turnip. I went to capture it when my cat jumped on to my keyboard! OH GOD! WHAT HAS HE PRESSED!?! I was scared! I moved him away and looked at my screen. OMG LUCKY! Apparently the first key his fat foot pressed was #1, Weakening Blow. PHEW! I would have been so sad if he killed it!

Would I really have been sad to lose this?

My cat has actually won a few tamer battles for me by jumping on to the keyboard. He might want his own account or for me to stop playing.


  1. Great pic. I managed to find mine in the catacombs after quite a few battles.

    1. Such an ugly pet to spend so much time on!