Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 8 - What Is The Stupidest Thing(s) You Have Ever Done In A Pet Battle?

I am no stranger to doing stupid things. In and out of game. I've done some stupid things I assume everyone has done at some point;

Starting battles with half dead pets.

Starting battles with the wrong pets. 

This battle wouldn't be very fun. Even Aki might feel bad for me.

Accidentally killing a pet while trying to get it low enough to trap. (Where was my trusty Turnip?)

Somehow auto-shooting pets on my hunter while looking for rares.

Poor dead Arcane Eye :(

Hopefully I don't do anything really stupid like killing the Qiraji Guardling when she is available!


  1. Oooh autoshoot! I'm glad I haven't had that problem. I'd destroy all the pet that way since I use click to move.

    1. OMG! Click to move! I was playing at an internet cafe one day in my lunchbreak and that was somehow on. I didn't even know it was in WoW, This was like... 6 years ago? /shudder. It didn't occur to me people used it or still would! :P

  2. OMG I have aoe'd pets accidentally when I was going to battle and then got attacked and then i swiped and KILLED the pet I wanted to battle... totally forgot about that!

  3. These sound familiar although I don't really pet battle on my hunter.

  4. I was killing a mob next to a pet I wanted to battle in Dread Wastes the other day when all of a sudden from the sky comes down that guy who helps you kill things. He AoE'd and killed the pet I'd been looking for >_>