Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deck Your Collection: Part 2 - The Should-Have-Been One-Shots

Previously I posted Deck Your Collection: Part 1 - The One-Shots. They weren't consecutive one-shots, there were some less fun bosses in between!

Master Boom Boom
Challenge Card: Master Boom Boom
I died a couple of times to this guy because I was making it harder than it needed to be. I was trying to burst him down fast but it actually caused my wipes. He throws dynamite around the room which is easy to avoid. At 70% and 40%(?) he will leap to the middle of the arena and place a bomb which has 4 fuses coming from around the room. Running over the fuses will put them out which is easy enough when it's just the 4 but I was bursting him down too fast and getting 8 fuses at a time! 

Reward: The Boomshirt, Giant Sack of Coins (400g) and 50 Valor Points.

I went back to battle him to get a screenshot. His corpse from the previous battle is still there!

Dippy and Doopy
Challenge Card: Dippy & Doopy
This fight was fairly simple but I reached the enrage timer the first time because I didn't do enough dps while trying to knock both the penguins back. The second attempt I just ignored the big (slow) penguin, kiting him around while I killed the little one, then stood still to finish off the big one.

Reward: Tuxedo-Like Shirt, Humongous Sack of Coins (500g) and 50 Valor Points.

 More Shirts!


Part 3 and 4 are still to come!


  1. I admit I did some of these without reading up on them but when I saw the Boom shirt on MMO, that's the one I liked the most. Look forward to reading the rest of the fights.

    1. I can see why Cymre Jones likes the boom shirt! Looks good for exploring!