Friday, June 21, 2013

Frostwolves World Safari

McTacky and I parked our toons at A'Q to check just in case the Qiraji Guardlings were up. I really wasn't expecting them to be. We went back to leveling our new pandas on Saurfang. We were on a quest at midnight so we finished it up and switched back over at midnight. THEY WERE UP!! A bunch of them!! I quickly grabbed the first one I saw and it was rare! I had been hoarding humanoid stones for months in preparation for them. I joked with a friend that the first one I would find would be rare. I told Tacky to come over to me so he could take the rare and I went off to find myself another. It wasn't hard, it was just me and Tacky around. I battled one as Navi was flying to us. We found another one which Tacky held for Navi. 
Zookeepers! Navimie, Luxygaga and McTacky.
Finally done!!
 It feels so good to have it completed!