Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hai-Clue: Can You Find Luxypie?

Last week I posted Hai-Clue! Can You Find Luxypie? Tonight I post the Hai-clue!

Not quite forgotten

Glades of graveyards and decay

A tree forsaken

Server: Dath'Remar (Horde) - Oceanic
Date: Sunday 2nd June
Time: 1pm - Oceanic Server Time. That's Saturday 1st - 8pm PDT.

The first 5 people to find my alt and whisper to her 'Luxypie!' will receive a prize (I have many pets and stones to give away)! I must be able to target you so don't just try sending a tell to everyone in the zone you think I am in!

Can't wait to see who finds me! 

Edit: It's over! Thanks to all who participated! Will post winners soon!


  1. First!
    Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here was first to solve the Luxypie's Haiclue!

    1. A hai-clue that won't get you lost and kill you.

  2. I was totally in the wrong place for ages...