Tuesday, July 30, 2013

AMG! Achievements!

During ToT trash on Wednesday night, I saw shinies and ran over to loot, without a thought. DING! Wait WHAT?! OH! I looted Waterlogged Zandalari Journal, which was the last book I needed for Zandalari Library Card! I guess this means it is time to use my stacks of Key to the Palace of Lei Shen, so I can finish up Stormbreaker. My luck with the chests in there has been pretty bad though. You can see I still hadn't fixed my achievement add-on. I think it is fixed now!

Challenge modes this week went well! We decided to try something else since Scarlet Monastery hates us. Scholomance was chosen and I think I cringed a little as it is quite long. The first run was executed so well until the last boss. We spent some time talking about it and Aza made some suggestions that helped us one shot the boss on our second run through!

Since we succeeded in Challenge Modes this week, I can post this next pic! It doesn't feel right to post them when we fail. Arv's famous Navi killer move! Evil paladin!
When we haven't wiped enough. there is Arvash.

Also this week, I defeated 4 more Brawler fights! (Dahakha is an amazing cheerleader btw) Leaving me with 3 fights left, each one on a different acheivement! Disruptron, Mingus Diggs and Ahoo'ru. On Mingus, I get so close, usually enrage gets me seconds after I have the statues down and the other 2 well, I just need to be less of a derp. One day...


  1. That pic is hilarious and woo on your brawler stuff! Yay for all your achieves!!

    1. The next CM pic is going to be painful I think!

  2. Hahaha, that pic is awesome!

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