Tuesday, July 9, 2013

AMG! One Achievement!

On Saturday night we decided to try for Silver in Scarlet Halls. We had a few practice runs (or real runs were we made too many mistakes if you like). One of the runs that we finished, we realised we needed to kill more mobs. We talked about it and decided to try CC'ing single mobs so we could pull them when their packs walk away. This worked but was quite slow. We then decided to try killing the Houndmasters. I was adding it up in my head, we needed to kill 4 mobs outside of the usual packs we kill. So no using the pet food on the dogs.

"I think we need another dog guy, there is one on either side of this courtyard" (To be honest, I probably called the courtyard a thingy) Someone said we were good and I proceeded to spend the rest of the instance terrified that we hadn't killed enough mobs. My fears only intensified as we got closer to the end with slim time to spare. I didn't want to say anything and scare the others. In the hall before the last boss it was clear to all we still needed one. We rushed the boss and got him down with around 2 minutes left. With lightning speed the Challenge Mode Noobs rushed back to the packs we had snuck past, I hexed one, Arv waited until its friends had moved away before pulling it up the stairs for us to burst it down... JUST IN TIME! 46 seconds to spare!

Thanks to Navi for the pic! My SS didn't have it!
Fortunately it ended well for us, I don't think anyone had another run in them at that point.

I love my Challenge Mode team. We always have a lot of fun and no one gets upset with anyone's mistakes even though it gets late in the night and we all get fatigued. At least for me, the others could be secretly scrutinising my every move and cursing my mistakes. I've learned a lot in Challenge Modes like running back fast if I die! I swear Tauren take bigger portions of food!
You will go hungry if Navimie beats you to the feast!
Not sure which one we will work on next but I always look forward to Saturday nights (with a pre-packed personal dinner!)


  1. That picture is priceless, lmao!

  2. Omg that pic is so funny! And omg can you imagine what it would have been like if we missed silver again coz of one mob...

    1. Oh gosh, while we were running back to the last pack I was so scared we might wipe on it! So glad we got it!

  3. That picture is epic! Nice :)