Friday, July 5, 2013

Kentucky Fried Ji-Kun

Frostwolves killed a big birdy tonight! This was my first progression boss kill with the guild. I was pretty scared when they asked me to be in the egg group last night but it was actually kind of fun. I  survived on the kill attempt. I felt like I was getting extra healer love tonight. /happy! With our attempts last night there was no way she wasn't going down tonight!

I might be behind Disco's golden friend. Maybe.
Then we moved on to Durumu the Forgotten, not the most fun ever but we got him(?) to 44% a couple of times! Promising!

Looking forward to many more guild firsts with Frostwolves!


  1. Yay frostwolves!!! And yay for not so much dying lol

  2. Grats to you and to Frostwolves :) The evil eye isn't that bad after a while :), well I thought it was once I got the maze worked out.

  3. Grats and nice job on the logo.