Thursday, July 25, 2013


When I transferred to Saurfang I decided to only take my Shaman, which means I need to level some alts so I can farm mats and pick up a couple of the professions I left behind on Dath'Remar. It's going VERY slowly. I have a couple on the go but alts for me are generally a way to make gold and if they aren't making gold, I don't enjoy the leveling process.

Luxypie - Pandaren Mage
Should probably start mogging soon!
I am leveling her with McTacky and Faithy. Currently at level 40, we need to find some more time to level up! I have been running us through dungeons on my second account. So far she has cost me a few thousand gold leveling her Enchanting and the lazy persons 1-300 Mining (smelting mats purchased from the AH). I need an enchanter, so I don't mind the gold spent but I probably shouldn't have invested so much in a toon that isn't going to be leveling with any great speed.

Luxypai - Blood Elf Rogue
Playing Hide and Seek in Silvermoon City.
I started her with the intention of just leveling from PvP Pet Battles but I have been VERY lazy and haven't done many. I really should get back into it. I ran her through a few instances a few nights ago but it wasn't exactly fun. She has an Elixir of Endless Knowledge sitting in her bags waiting for something...

Luxykin - Troll Druid
Still in the starting area.
Not really sure what my plan is for Luxykin. I just really wanted a Troll Druid! Obviously she will be a boomy!

However, with Virtual Realms around the corner, do I need to level my alts on Saurfang? I have alts on Dath'Remar who have the professions I need. I'm guessing that Dath'Remar and Saurfang will be on the same VR. If they are then the Luxyalts of Dath'Remar can join Frostwolves of Saurfang. Having a banker on both servers in the same bank guild will be great getting mats and crafted items from one server to another.

And it just occurred to me, if Aman'Thul happens to be on our VR, Veluxi might finally be leveled (for tanking not farming!) and I will have access to a Blacksmith!


  1. Troll Druid!!! *claps excitedly* oh a Boomkin!?! I love Boomkins and my Druid's one but Trolls look so good in cat & bear form - how could you pass that up?!

    1. I am terrible at melee but I might try tanking with her if she ever levels!

    2. Ah I know the feeling well - I'm always facing the wrong way!! Atleast you can run around in cat form :)

    3. Trolls look good in cat form? This is news o.O

  2. I can't believe you spent so much on Luxypie's Tradeskills!