Thursday, July 18, 2013


No-one was sure we would have the numbers for a raid tonight. Some kind of sporting event is important to some people! Priorities!

Out first attempt on Primordius was really good. We had heard it was going to be easier if we used the achievement strat. It was easy! Three attempts and it was down. Another guild first!
Look at those pretty coloured skellies!
And an achievement! Genetically Unmodified Organism. Which my add-on failed to get a screenshot of. I should look in to that. 

Dark Animus next... getting past the trash was fun! >.>


  1. Grats on the kill :) Yay onto Dark Animus, the trash is a pain sometimes but that fight is my favourite, I love the little robots.

  2. Yay! Hey I'm going to ninja your pic for guild forums :)