Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Arena Tournament

When I first got on to the Arena Tournament realm, I started 2 teams. One with Disco, Neri and Sparklebeard for serious times and another with a btag friend for the pet. The former team having limited play time (we will find some time!) and the latter team being filled to max capacity. I was scared, I only knew one person on the team and I really was more interested in playing all 50 game with the same team of 3 to ensure eligibility for the pet (with 6 people on the team, I couldn't guarantee I would personally get to play 50 games or that no one would leave the team). I started a new team with Zeirah (Boomkin), Makco/Grimbeard (Warlock) and myself as a Priest. 

Tonight we were all on so I gathered up the pet team for a few games! We weren't expecting to win. In fact, we were all happy to lose, I made sure of this when we started the team. We are playing for the pet, win or lose! We had time for 13 games before Grimbeard had to leave. We went 6-7. With most of our losses being to Navimie, Sev and Shab (How could they!?) I was on vent with them. It was quiet funny listening in while they were fighting us. We seemed to be sharing another team with them also, a team who were also there for the pet - Roldy (Mage), Ashlive (Warlock) and Jamack (Hunter). All of our wins were against that team with them beating us the first time we faced them.

I didn't think it would be so enjoyable but I suppose that comes from thinking we wouldn't win. Playing a Priest on the tournament realm is really making me miss my main. I've been not loving being a target dummy as an Ele Shaman in arena but healing is super fun and I can live a lot longer!

Everyone said they are available tomorrow and Neri said they have a long weekend so hopefully both teams will get some games in!


  1. Oh the photo is amazing Luxy :)It was really fun, can't wait for more.

  2. I'm sorry we had to kill you! Shab was getting grumpy at good teams though...

    1. lol it's ok, I just can't get over how fast you 3 are :).