Tuesday, August 20, 2013

AMG Achievements

10 POINTS THIS WEEK! YAY! Feels like months since I got my last achievement. Was it? Nope! Not even a whole month. I hate these slow times. I mentioned to a friend the other day, that it is much more fun for me to help others obtain their achievements than it is to work on my own. More people need to ask me for help!

We had a bunch of frustrating runs of Stormstout Brewery CM over the last couple of weeks. The time for silver wasn't too strict but our positioning wasn't fantastic and even a short heal from an add was too much for us on Yan-Zhu the Uncasked. I suggested standing in close to the boss so we could each block more beams but there was some worry about hitting each other with Bloat. Saturday night we were in there again with Arv, Navi, Lushy, Sev and myself. We messed up first time around and possibly reset second and third but we got there with I think most of us in at the boss all avoiding bloat! It was a relief. I was tired and still a little sick. I think Navi thought I was upset because I wasn't cheering on vent. No achievement pic because the screenshot doesn't have it... 3 silvers to go before we get our mounts! 

AMG! A new pet! An awesome gift from Arvash. He asked me for my email address and I decided whatever evil he had planned I could handle. LUCKY!
Look at this grouchy face!
I wanted to name him Blossoming Arvash but it is too long but not longer than Blossoming Ancient... /grumble... Stupid 16 character naming limit. So his name is Blarvash. Thanks Arv! I love it! I should probably finish the last level on him, talk about lazy. Off to do that now!


  1. Congratulations on the achievement and pet. I know how you feel about a lack of achievements. I wish you didn't have to have set groups for scenarios so I could get mine done but I'd love some help with them sometime.

  2. Hahaha Blarvash, that is awesome! Glad you like the pet, we need to finish up our tourney soon, patch 5.4 is gonna keep me, you and Zei busy, lol.

    1. Totally need too! I can tweet Z if we are on and she isn't. Just tell me when you are free!

    2. I'm not on, I'm sitting here reading your blog, I should go check twitter.
      I'm sure I can find something to ask for help on, I do like ach's. The little pet is gorgous, love the name:).

  3. Blarvash is a cool name! Yay pet!