Tuesday, August 13, 2013

AMG No Achievements

Some things didn't go as planned on a few fronts, but it isn't all bad this week:

First up... Frostwolves killed a new boss! YAY! The Twin Consorts died on our first ever attempt on them. Amazing work guild!
Navi surprised me with a gorgeous Chibi!

13 days in to the #WoWscreenshotaday, I don't feel like my screenshots are improving at all but it is super fun trying!

Sooooo much arena. Pretty much my whole weekend was spent on the tourny realm. I think 70 or so games played with the 'serious' team. All 50 games have been completed for Pet Plox! A few games in some other teams then a new team with Arvash, where we played quite a few games, though I can't quiet remember how many.

A new comic went up last night! This weeks is not-so-faily!

Oh, and IRL... the cutie on the left comes home in 6-8 weeks. Can't wait!


  1. That is a ton of things. Grats on the twins :) they are a pretty good fight. The chibi is adorable and the puppy is so cute. Fantastic week :)

  2. Thanks again for the help with the tournament and I agree with Zeirah, that puppy is cute, lol.

    1. Any time and she is adorable. I want to go visit her but they are like 2 hours drive away!