Monday, August 5, 2013

Primordial Direhorns

Late Saturday night I saw a Zandalari Warbringer on an Amber mount! 'NAVI! YELLOW EYES!' She was in LFR so I continued on my rare rounds. When she was done we went back to check on the Warbringer, stopping by Kun-Lai on the way. There was one up! We killed it and moved on to Jade Forest, where I had seen Yellow Eyes. He was still up! I should have known this was a good sign. We killed him and a Warscout at the same time, it got a little intense but we killed them and Reins of the Amber Primordial Direhorn dropped! AMG! It was the last one I needed. Navi didn't need it so I won the roll. AMG! It had been a long time since we had seen a mount, actually now that I am thinking about it, we might not have seen a mount since we transferred to Saurfang. I was excited and it was a nice way to finish off a day that was pretty crappy for a few reasons.
The newest addition - 'Yellow Eyes'!
"Ugly Jade' was my first Direhorn mount.
Slate, who didn't get a nickname but is the one we all preferred.
Looking at them, Amber might be my favourite. Slate is pretty too though. Navi still needs Ugly Jade, Lushy might still need two of them and I would like to help all of the guildies who joined us get at least one so my Warbringer days are not over which is fine, I actually enjoy killing them!

The three mounts are:

Reins of the Jade Primordial Direhorn 
Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn 
Reins of the Amber Primordial Direhorn

The Warbringer's drop the corresponding mount to the one they are riding, so if it spawns on a Slate, Slate has a chance to drop. In some zones I had to actually look at the eyes to tell Slate and Amber apart.

Each of the 3 Warbringers has a chance to spawn at any of the 5 locations marked on the map below.

The TomTom waypoints are:
/way Dread Wastes 47 61
/way Krasarang Wilds 38 67
/way Kun-Lai Summit 75 67
/way The Jade Forest 52 19
/way Townlong Steppes 36 85

Generally we found that when one died another spawned so there was always one up, however occasionally there were none to be found or multiples up at once.

Good luck to anyone farming them!


  1. Yay grats! I am happy to say I was present to see all of them :D

  2. Congrats! I hope to see the last one some day too.

  3. Grats! They are always around on my server just no one around to do them, I'm pretty sure although my Warlock THINKS she's a badass she can't do them alone, lol.

    1. I've seen people soloing them, I usually stop to help regardless of faction cause it looks like it takes so long!

  4. Gratz on the mount!
    My group have killed a ton of warbringers, but just saw our first mount drop today. I didn't win, but was so happy one finally dropped and at least one person in our group got it I didn't care :)