Monday, September 9, 2013

DayZ - Survival Journal 8-14

Day 8:
It was almost dawn before I got out of Sabina. I ended up lost while trying to avoid zombies in the streets. I could barely see them but I could hear their groans and shuffling. When I walked in to the barn it was obvious someone had been here. The hatchet is missing and my bed of straw has been kicked around. Though unlikely the person or persons will return, I can't stay here. I need to find a new place to sleep.

Day 9:
I fired Vick's revolver for the first time. I spent an hour walking before finding a house that looked safe. There was a zombie inside. I had to kill it, I shot it 5 times. I was sure the gunshots would attract attention from anyone or thing in the area. I stayed awake all night, couched in a corner with Vick's M14 aimed at the only door.

Day 10:
I walked for hours today. Sticking to the tree line I encounter a lot less zombies. The odd zombie ambling, looking lost, perhaps it followed someone and lost them. I'm tired but I think I have found a safe place to sleep tonight. I'm running low on food and places to look.

Day 11:
Today I heard the faint sound of gunshots in the distance. Could it be whoever it was I heard in Sabina last week? I couldn't tell the direction, maybe north west. I found a can of beans today. A relief from the tiny rations of sardines I have been allowing myself.

Day 12:
I haven't eaten real meat since the ship, and the meals onboard left a lot to be desired. I watched a pig wandering close by me for what seemed like hours. I couldn't bring myself to make any attempts on it's life. Could I? I suppose the time will come, sooner rather than later no doubt, when I need to.

Day 13:
I found a bicycle today. Tomorrow I will head back to Sabina to scrounge for more supplies before before moving on. 

Day 14:
On my way to Sabina I found the wreckage of a truck, still burning. I saw no signs of anyone inside. Was it one of our men? Perhaps they made it out alive, to Sabina? The reconnaissance teams could be anywhere by now. Am I looking for them?


  1. OMG I hate suspense! NExt you'll have some Zombie jumping out at my face and I'll be screaming!