Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AMG! Achievements!

I've been playing other games, I won't lie. Other games have been taking all of the spare time that was once blogging time. I actually finished comics for the next 2 weeks though (Navi gets a break!) and managed to get some achievements this week. I put this post off all day, I just wanted to farm some rares in the time I was playing, but here it is!
Woo... LFR! >.>
I have such a hard time making myself do the Celestial Tourny each week. I didn't have to restart it this week though. Still, I can't wait to be done with it!
We got this on Flex on Sunday night, no one was expecting it so it was a nice surprise!
I was invited along to a H-HoF with some Btag friends, I was about to go out but decided to fill in for a DPS who had left. I wasn't expecting to do any old content this week!

This week I got 2 new pets. My warlock had enough Jard's Peculiar Energy Source to create a Rascal-Bot, which I named Walter, and finally a sprite! Dandelion Frolicker, a gift from Azadelta.
I am a little happier with my DPS atm, the fights after Norushen are much better for Ele! Frostwolves are now 4/14 Normal and 6/14 Flex. I look forward to every boss that isn't Norushen.