Friday, October 11, 2013

Jard's Peculiar Pets and Mounts

I was excited to get to the Timeless Isle on patch day to get the schematics for the new pets and mount. The first elite I killed dropped Schematic: Chief Engineer Jard's Journal for me. Inside were the schematics for:
It costs 60 Jard's Peculiar Energy Source to create the mount and both pets! I have a few Engineers, but only one of them is level 90. So I was expecting 60 days for both. OK, that's not so bad but how do I choose which I craft first? As a pet collector... I obviously would want the pets but I also wanted a new awesome mount!

A few days after patch, I asked a friend come out to the Timeless Isle with my level 85 Warlock to kill things so I could get the recipes on her as well. It took about an hour for it to drop and although I had done some research, I was beginning to think it wouldn't drop for a level 85 after all, even with max engi. Fortunately it dropped and Sora was free to go back to more exciting things. 

My Warlock created Rascal-Bot first and it's just a few more days til she can craft Pierre
As a Fringe fan, I just had to name him Walter.
Luxygaga finished her first 30 Jard's yesterday and made her Sky Golem. I considered selling the mount instead of learning it. They were only selling for 100k on Saurfang so I decided against it and spent all day flying and jumping around with it!
Moopiex thinks it's ugly, but I disagree!
The pets are tradable now, as is the mount so I may be crafting Jard's Peculiar Energy Source for the rest of my life.


  1. I will make a Rascalbot with my engineer and I shall name him Walternate. ;)

    ( I miss Fringe /sadface )

    1. HAHA! Walternate! Excellent! :D

      I miss Fringe too. I once sad a guy dressed as an observer in the street. It was very odd, but awesome!

  2. They look great. I will be there soon.

  3. Rascalbot is really cute! Yay on your new engineering acquisitions :D Gosh I saw so many people selling that Sky Golem yesterday!