Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vanquisher Veluxia

It took a long time. I was beginning to wonder if we had been eligible at all for the titles from the Arena Tournament. Navimie posted today that she still hadn't received hers and wondered if she were eligible also, so I went to have a look at the Arena Pass forum. The first post I looked at had a reply from Buckybadger saying he had received his title today. A quick check of his armory showed he had! I logged in to submit a ticket. 1 day 17 hours, was the wait time. 'Ug, it's ok, I'm sure I will have it some time tomorrow'. I went to run some errands, when I got home I logged on and a few minutes later I got the Feat of Strength! 'WHAT?! LOL!' Then a GM wanted to talk to me about it. Well, I don't need a GM now but YAY! :D

I played a Priest on the tourny realm so it seems fitting that I screenshot my Priest on live with the title, even if she isn't getting much love this expansion.
It was a long wait for the pets too, I can't remember if I posted about him, I certainly haven't leveled him yet... Realllllllllly should get to that.

Murkimus the Gladiator

If you think you were eligible, submit a ticket and get your title!
The tourny was a lot of fun and if the rewards ever change I would love to do it again! Thank you so much to my team mates - Arvash, Sparklebeard, Zeirah, and Disconcur and to our regular opponents and friends, Navimie, Shab and Sev for the fun times. Gratz all!


  1. GLad you got yours! Where's mine? :(

  2. Congrats on the title and pet. He's a cutie!