Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AMG! Achievements!

Patch weeks are always very exciting for achievement hunters! For me it means I can actually get some points instead of looking longingly through what is left to do. New achievements generally mean there are some easy points to gain. The week 5.3 hit was no exception.

I missed some screenshots because Mount Parade was retroactive and my addons were being unpleasant so I turned them off while I ran some heroic scenarios.

I was super excited to do this achievement. I started it pretty much as soon as I logged on. Shortly after beginning I was already tired of it when Cymre and Coolidge asked if I wanted to do some of the new heroic scenarios. I certainly did! Heroic: Dark Heart of Pandaria and Heroic: A Brewing Storm. 

I decided to check out the new battleground, Deepwind Gorge. I spent a good 5 minutes looking for a way up to somewhere high to jump off for this only to get it when I jumped over a tiny hill!

I just so happened to win that first Deepwind Gorge I entered and I also earned an achievement I didn't deserve! Having only 300 CP earned for the season, I was quite a long way from 25,000.

Completing this seemed to take forever but it was worth it for the pet even if the achievement only gave 5 points. 

You can see Lushnek's giant tauren head in this pic!
Navimie and Lushnek asked me if I wanted to run a scenario with them to break up my very unsuccessful pet hunts. The night ended up being really fun.

My pug group for Dark Heart of Pandaria seemed upset that I was wanting to get this achievement. Silly things!

Most of my Deepwind Gorge games so far have been very one sided. This wasn't as hard as I was expecting!

I was solo queuing all night for Deepwind, when suddenly I was spammed with emotes from friendly people! Navi, Sev and Shab were in my BG! I was on 49/50 flag caps. I was glad they were there with me.

Challenge Mode Noobs were at it again on Saturday night! Lushy, Navi, Arv, Karn and I were all online at the same time! After a couple of weeks of us all being out of sync we all had free time to finish up our last 2 bronze. Next up... working on silvers (and Karn's last couple of bronzes).

More heroic scenarios with Cym and Cool! We also got The Few, the Proud, the Gob Squad.

Another Deepwind Gorge achievement. Yay! Still a lot of work for my 'Gorgeous' title though.

A couple of these pets were gifted me, a few lucky drops and some cheap deals on the AH!

I had been putting this off for a bit, having 5k PvP wins at lower levels I was a little afraid to start at max level. It was a bit painful but overall not so bad. Using a couple of different teams to test things out, Call Blizzard seems to be working out so far!

When I logged on this morning Navi invited me to do some scenario achievements with her and Arv. We got this one even though the game clearly didn't want us to succeed. The cannon that shoots you over to another ship dropped me right in a red circle! 

I don't think I am going to have quite as much to post this time next week. I am not feeling the usual urge to push myself when I get close to an achievement goal, I will have to work a little harder.


  1. That's quite a list! Grats on all those :)

  2. wow what a round up, big grats :)

  3. Nice haul! Now we'll never catch up to you! =P

    1. I will help you any time! :D You can still catch up!

  4. You've certainly been busy! Gratz :)

  5. Ok, let me try writing again!!!
    Grats for your busy week! It must be so wonderful for someone who has EVERY ACHIEVEMENT ALREADY to get some new ones :D
    I should have listened to you when you said how long it would be... I had the same problem!

  6. Wow!! Looks like you all had an awesome week! Gratz on all achievements!!