Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hai-Clue! Can You Find Luxypie?

I like to write terrible clues in haiku form for my friends to find things. I call them Hai-clues! I want you to join in. I have pets and battle stones to give away!

It's simple: Find the location, speak to the alt (second account... no cheating!) and a wild Luxypie will appear with a prize for the first 5 people who find me!

Server: Dath'Remar (Horde) - Oceanic
Date: Sunday 2nd June
Time: 1pm - Oceanic Server Time. 

That's Saturday 1st - 8pm PDT (Confused? Me too!)

This first one will be super simple even a level 1 could find me so if your main isn't from Dath'Remar you can still join in!

I will post the Hai-clue the night before and tweet when it begins!


  1. Luxy's Hai-Clues can be fun. Or terrifying!

  2. Let me see, um, add three, subtract 2, divide by ... Oh no! That translates to 11:00 pm eastern. If I'm up I will come but since I get up at 4:30am probably will have nodded off before then. I'll have to read about it here!

  3. Oh this sounds fun, I keep talking about getting those goblins of mine out of the lost isles.. maybe I should finally do it and then I'd have a toon to come and play hide and seek with you, though I'm notoriously bad at riddles so could be tricky :)

  4. I wasn't going to play.... but I'll see! Maybe I can be online!