Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AMG! Achievements and a New Home!

After nothing last week, I did ok this week! Some long awaited and some newer goals where achieved!

A new weapon gave me the extra dps I needed to hit Rank 9!
Qiraji Guardlings spawned and we were ready!
Goodbye to Karazhan!
I do love when they add new World Event achievements!
Challenge Mode Noobs got silver in Jade Serpent!
I wasn't expecting this. I was just happy the boss died!
Oh, and I won a piece of gear!
My Shaman got her act together and leveled her secondaries. This is a definite step into main-dom. My alts NEVER have high level secondary professions, if they even learn them at all. It was time. There have been days in the past weeks where Veluxia hasn't logged on at all. I still love you, Veluxia. I promise.

Frostwolves transferred to Saurfang after raid last night. I just finished the process and am sorting out my macros as I type this. I had to create a new Luxygaga on the old server to get my character specific macros back after a mini-panic.
The Frostwolves ready to leave Dath'Remar!
McTacky asked us all to travel to the Shrine of Dath'Remar to take some good-bye shots. We had every guild member that was online at the time out there. I felt like I didn't belong with these veteran guildies with many of them having been together since the beginning!

I am sad to leave some friends behind. I will miss hanging out with my friends in Professional Stalker, my Pet Battle friends, the Frostwolves who aren't ready to join us yet and my Brawler buddies but I am excited about the move and can't wait to make friends on Saurfang and meet some new guildies! Thankfully we have Battletag plus it won't be long before we are potentially matched back up with them for good.

I don't see next week increasing my achievement points at all, but who knows what the new server will bring!


  1. Grats on all your achieves! And I think that pic is well taken!

    1. Thanks and thanks! It was the better of the screenshots I wasn't impressed with! I wish I got the photo bomber!

  2. Grats on your new chessements and your new home!

  3. Wait...horse...fiery horse.....

    ALL RIGHT! *The Crowd Goes Wild!*

    1. I need to add it to my Opie mount wheel so I use it!