Monday, June 24, 2013

Having a Brawl

Getting to Rank 9 (Having A Brawl) was really painful for me. The first and last bosses are le sucks!

The first boss of Rank 8 is Hexos. I was frightened! I had seen people doing this and thought it looked scary as hell. I attempted it a couple of times popping everything and trying to maneuver my way through the puzzle but it was all too overwhelming and I was dying fast. I gave it a couple of tries just working my way through the maze to get a feel for it. There seems to be a few patterns that can repeat but it will be a random order each time. With a 2 minute enrage timer I struggled with my rotation. I reached the enrage 4 or 5 times once I felt a bit more comfortable with the maze. A few changes to some macros and ditching my Fire Ele (he runs around like a derp instead of fighting) and I had it.
Two minutes of this makes you dizzy.
Tyson Sanders
I went in blind on this one, figuring nothing could be worse than Hexos. Seemed like it wasn't going to be much of a challenge but I did die so I went to look for some tips on it. I googled 'Tyson Sanders'. The results were unrelated. It isn't very often that I have to type 'Wowhead' into google after whatever I am looking for. Armed with some more information on the fight I was ready to get back in there. Rocket chickens kept killing me! They weren't near me then they were on me! A few attempts and I defeated the evil chicken throwing man.
Just like KFC, these chickens are bad for your health!
T440 Dual-Mode Robot
Basically this fight consists of 2 'phases' (I guess his name implies that) which you can force him into by either standing at a distance or being in melee range. The longer he is in each faster the more damage he does so switching between the 2 is important. I might have been spending a little too much time healing myself up on this fight as I was getting close to enrage but dying because I stopped healing myself due to incoming enrage timer! Rawr! Dying to enrage when the boss has less than 500k hp SUCKS! I got there... eventually.
I'm beginning to dislike all robots...
Yeah, so... I took a break on this guy after getting close a few times but realising my gear was an issue. If I could burst him down in the first phase to -50%, I wouldn't have a problem. On Wednesday night I got a new weapon from N ToT! Dinomancer's Spiritbinding Spire. Yay! I decided to get back in there with my new staff and I killed him on the second attempt! It isn't the hardest fight but it is slightly annoying. You start the fight by shooting a jet of water at the boss to cool him allowing you to dps him. When the buff wears off you need to kill one of the water ele's around him to refresh your water jets. You need to face your back to him for your jets to spray him. Whenever he isn't cooled he will damage you. He also leaves a fiery trails around the arena, if a water ele comes in contact with them it will evaporate. On my kill, I died. He had 100k hp left and I died. I was ok with it, It was my second attempt for the night and I did really well so I knew I wouldn't have any problem geting him now. I reached over to get a drink and glanced back at my screen. AMG! He died too!
All that matters is that he died too.
Fire = Bad.
Rank 9 achievement!
Achieving Rank 9 gives you another Brawler's Pass, which I gave to Audrena so she can start brawling! Hopefully she doesn't blame me for any deaths incurred!

4 bosses are left between me and a new mount.