Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AMG! Achievements!

First up this week I spent a huge amount of time brawling. Almost obsessively. I was focusing on getting Rank 8 in Brawler's Guild while collecting the cards for Collect Your Deck and then killing those bosses (More on that later in the week!)

This week it became even more evident that Luxygaga is usurping Veluxia's role as main. The discrepancies between the achievement totals for both toons is bothering me less and less lately which is making me a little more open to a complete switch of mains. Both characters are really fun and different. Having played a healer as a main since Vanilla, it's nice to have a DPS who kills things fast. I usually get tired of DPSing on other classes but it's hard to get bored of shooting lightning at your enemies.


  1. Hey congrats on your achievements. I knew you could do it!

  2. This switch is a big change!!

  3. Haha I feel the same way about smashing kegs of beer over enemy heads! Never gets old! :D

    I never really liked the old lightning bolts, just different coloured version of Wrath, but I love the actual lightning effect now! And Lava Burst is pretty spectacular too.

    1. LOL! Everything is so shiny for an Ele Shaman!