Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Deck Your Collection: Part 1 - The One-Shots

After reaching Rank 8, I was excited to keep brawling but I didn't feel ready for Hexos. I was already collecting the quests for (Collect Your Deck) to battle the optional Brawler's Guild bosses Deck Your Collection. I decided to see how I would go against them since they range between levels 4-9, I was sure I could defeat some of them! 

These are the bosses I defeated in one attempt. All fights were completed by Luxygaga, Elemental Shaman.

Grandpa Grumplefloot
Challenge Card: Grandpa Grumplefloot 
Even for a Rank 4 boss I expected to die the first time around. He throws Luckydo's around the room. I just avoided them while pew pewing him. Very simple fight for me as ranged.

Reward: Floot-Tooter's Tunic, Giant Sack of Coins (400g) and 50 Valor Points

What's your Luckydo?
Challenge Card: Splat
Very much like Blat, I just kited the oozes around the room while avoiding the trails of goo they drop on the ground (it hurts). Not very challenging!

Reward: Ooze-Soaked Shirt, Humongous Sack of Coins (500g) and 50 Valor Points.

Splat went... splat.
Challenge Card: Razorgrin
This brawl made me feel awful. This sharky is just flopping around while I pew pew him! :( He stayed aggro'd on to my Fire Elemental til he despawned then I popped Spiritwalker's Grace to kite him and it was over. 

Reward: Sharkskin Tunic, Humongous Sack of Coins (500g) and 50 Valor Points.
Poor sharky :'(
Challenge Card: Mecha-Bruce
I wasn't expecting to one-shot Mecha-Bruce! I had been watching other people struggle with him. I popped all of my cooldowns and ran around the arena, making sure I was at the opposite end for his stun. Spectators said I made it look so easy!

Reward: Brucehide Jersey, Enormous Sack of Coins (600g) and 50 Valor Points.
Mecha-Bruce got Lux'ed!
The Blind Hero
Challenge Card: Blind Hero
This guy was pretty simple really but he is blind. I felt bad fighting a blind guy and a hero? Shame on me. Another fight where an Elemental Shaman can pop everything and run around in circles. His abilities are very easily avoided and forgiving if you do get hit by him.

Reward: Sightless Mantle, Gigantic Sack of Coins (900g) and 50 Valor Points.

He can't see me!
The shirts rewarded give a buff called Brawling Champion. Each has it's own unique flavour text.

"Splatter of Splat"
"Toot toot!"
"Conqueror of the South Seas"

"Look at me!"
I don't know where I am supposed to find room for all of these shirts. With my alt taking over as my main... she is running out of room collecting all the same junk important vanity items that Veluxia is hoarding!