Friday, June 28, 2013

Bad Hair Days - Celebrity Orcs

It started here with complaints about the stylists of Azeroth and began to escalate here, an image I can't apologise enough for. 

This was actually really fun. I learnt how to use Wow Model Viewer (kind of) and some more things which I won't remember next time about Photoshop!

Thanks to those who commented and the guildies who made suggestions on which celebs to use. Sorry for the ones I didn't use. I either couldn't find a good pic of them or their hair defeated my 'magic wand tool' skills (not hard). 

Lady Gaga! Would pay so much gold for this!
Oooooh, Katy Perry. No, thank you!
Nicky Minaj - I could actually see this suiting a gnome very well. 
How could I just choose one of Nicky Minaj.
Macy Gray or Sideshow Bob?
Charlize. Fancy!
Miley Cyrus or is it Pink..? Either way I want this hairstyle!
The Snooki - For the trashy Orc...
Princess Tay Tay for the pretty Orc. 
The Curly Rihanna!
She looks homeless with Russell Brand's hair! 
You crazy, Christina Aguilera!
Next time... Undead maybe? :D


  1. mmm, undead hairstyles are in need. Maybe that Russel Brand hair really belongs there :P

    1. I wanted to use his spikey one after a guild suggested it but it was too hard! LOL! Would suit undead well!

  2. Luxy, these are awesome! Of course, I just want more curly hairstyles in general, for everyone :D

  3. Yayy! These are all really good :D

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to do the same for undead! :D

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! :D You will have to help me undead suggestions! :D