Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Other Kind of Brawling?

It seems like all I do is brawl lately. I need to make time for pet battles.

A new pet battler on my battletag was asking a lot of questions regarding leveling and other general aspects of battling. Knowing I had leveled pets for other players in the past, he asked if he could pay me to level some pets, actually a lot of pets. I had been neglectful in leveling my 5.3 pets thus far with 2 of them still sitting in the early teens. It's not a hard process or even a long one usually but sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to just level them up especially when I know I should be working on Deadly Pet Brawler.

Half way...
At around level 15 on the first pet I was already regretting that I had agreed to do it. Even the stone I received wasn't an incentive. I didn't enjoy leveling them at all though come tamer reset time, I was eager to see what was my baggies. Whenever I do the full circuit of tamers, I feel like I get less stones with the new bad luck protection than I did with the old system. Anyone else noticed this? I struggled though the pets, adding my last 2 5.3 pets in to finish them up.

Of the 5.3 pets, I have 2 left to collect.

Viscous Horror - A drop from Primordius in ToT.
Blossoming Ancient - Blizz store Pet.

I best get my trader hat on so I can get them and level them up before 5.4 introduces new cuties for me to level!


  1. I am still being very lazy. I will get all my pets eventually! And I am still very lazy with my pet brawling...