Monday, July 1, 2013

Deck Your Collection: Part 3 - The 'Fun' Mechanics

Part 3 of my Deck Your Collection (Deck Your Collection: Part 1 and 2) series is about the fights with very unique mechanics. I struggled with some of these, sending frustrated to tells to anyone who would be sympathetic. I needed hugs.

Challenge Card: Ty'thar
I hate this fight. It's a fun idea but it wasn't fun for me to execute. You need to use your strafe left, right and back keys. I kept trying to use the default keys for those instead of my keybound ones. You attack the boss while using strafe left, right and back to dodge his attacks for 3 rounds.

Reward: Undisputed Champion's Shirt, Giant Sack of Coins (400g) and 50 Valor Points.

Eventually I knocked him out.
I should have been expecting this. Just like my Crawling Claw, Luxygaga is terrible at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Ironically against real life players I am pretty good at it. It took me 7 attempts to get a good run where I beat him twice in a row and was able to dps him down. It's really about whether you can beat him at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Reward: Paper Shirt, Overflowing Sack of Coins (700g) and 50 Valor Points.

I chose Paper. He chose Rock!
Blingtron 3000
Challenge Card: Blingtron 3000
I had seen people working on this fight while I was queuing up so I understood the basic idea of it. Make a chain with the Mini-Blings and click on the tesla coil to link up all of the Mini-Blings to Blingtron 3000. Once you have successfully connect them all Blingtron 3000 will have a 900% increased damage taken buff so killing him even with 30 seconds to spare shouldn't be a problem. Sounds easy, right? I couldn't get the Mini-Blings close enough to each other or one was too close and the others were too far. It took a couple of attempts to get it right. Oh, and a note to Ele Shaman... If you haven't glyphed Thunderstorm, don't use it. I punted my perfectly positioned Mini-Blings out of formation a couple of times. >.>

Reward: Last Season's Shirt, Enormous Sack of Coins (600g) and 50 Valor Points. 

An example of how not to position the Mini-Blings.
The Bear and the Lady Fair
Challenge Card: The Bear and the Lady Fair
This fight made me grumpy and sulky. I was not happy. Remember when I said I needed hugs? This was the fight that did it. You need to bounce on the trampolines to gather stacks, it's a very short buff that you gain so you need to be jumping all the time. If you miss a trampoline you have about 1 second to get to one and be in a position to land on the next. All of this while a bear is attacking you. He hurts. At 3 stacks whatever attack you throw at the boss will crit for a lot, then 'she' slaps you off the platform. Then you start the whole tram-am-poline deal again. Rinse and repeat. With the hurty bear still trying to eat you. I spent a good 2 hours on this.

Reward: Gorgeous Blouse, Overflowing Sack of Coins (700g) and 50 Valor Points.

A very mean lady and a bear playing Hide and Seek.
The shirts for these fights are nice! I was really excited for the Gorgeous BlouseIt looks great with my Shaman's (currently being washed) transmog!


"Let's Party!"
"When in doubt, go with Rock"

1 to go! Send your hugs and tissues to Luxypie c/o Brawler's Guild.


  1. I actually liked the boxing match after I got the hang of it - until I had to knock him out three times. Best of luck with the last one :)

    1. It's a scary one! I need to somehow do more dps!

  2. I found an invite on an auction house for really cheap, used it and forgot about it until blingtron gave me the item to turn in. I hit rank two early this morning (because it was too hot to sleep!).
    I'll have to bookmark your posts so that I can do the extra fights. I have already tried Roshambo, thinking, "How hard can rock paper scissors be?" A tie on rock kills...

    1. Gratz on rank 2 and GL ont he extra bosses! Some of them can be painful!

  3. I love those shirts! I wish I was a better brawler :)