Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AMG! Achievements and a Goal Complete!

This week I opened my achievement pane in game after getting exalted with Shado-Pan Assualt and noticed I was on 19,990 points. So close! 20k has been my goal since MoP was released.

What was going to get me to 20,000? I expected it would just be a random raid achievement that just happened without me noticing, forgetting all about challenge modes. Navi reminded me on Saturday night that it was challenge mode night, though I wasn't thinking about my points at all. I found Karn while we waited for Arv. We reset a couple of times, the first full run was on track for silver until we wiped on General Pa'valak, ran back, wiped again, ran back and got the kill. It was all practice though and the next run went much smoother and I realised I had 20k points! "AMG!! Everyone inspect my achievements!!"

Veluxia still needs 50 points to have it showing on her armory. For some reason not all of Luxygaga's brawling achievements are account wide. Until Veluxia gets those points I don't feel like I officially have 20k but for now opening my achievement pane in game is pretty exciting! I still have a lot of MoP raid achievements to get, I wonder how many points I can end MoP with?