Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wishful Wednesday#4

My very first guest Wishful Wednesday! Fellow Frostwolf McTacky!

He even went to the effort of creating a journal entry for his pet (how lazy do I feel?!) and gave details on how it might be obtained. C'mon Blizz, he has done all the work for you!

I want a Li Li pet as well as McTacky's turtle!

"Mist of Pandaria should have a Children's Week quest. Who better than Li Li? This quest should make us take her all over the continent, not just the Valley of Four Winds!"

"The reward for the chain? A Green Dragon Turtle pet! Just like Speedy with the original Children's Week, but Pandaria flavoured!" - McTacky

I have to agree that I would love to see a new Children's Week quest added for Pandaria. New quests and pets have been added to all the previous expansions. With new pets being added to the original Children's Week chain in Cataclysm.

For now he will have to be content with a brown dragon turtle Wanderer's Festival Hatchling or the Speedy model. Although I bet he thinks Speedy looks smug or something!

Thank you McTacky for your awesome Wishful Wednesday! I wonder who my next guest poster will be?!


  1. It would be really nice to get some new quests for Children's Week, in fact I'd love it if expansions could get more involved in most holidays. I was really disappointed that there was nothing in Pandaria for the Lunar Festival, given that it coincides with the Chinese New Year, and nothing new with the Brewfest - though admittedly the Brewfest started quite soon after the expansion's release.

    1. I am always kind of sad when they don't add new things for world events each expansion. I understand the catch up new players would have to do might be a little bit more work but the events last for a couple of weeks!

  2. Tacky that is an awesome idea!