Tuesday, July 23, 2013

AMG! Achievements!

More than 1 achievement this week and 2 of them gave 25 points each!

I always leave my priest to the last minute but this week I was determined to get her LFRs done first up. I knew that I had 2 achievements ahead of me so I was a bit excited! The healing challenge for the Wrathion chain was not as challenging as I had hoped, I expected many wipes and tears, hands thrown in the air in frustration. Alas, there was to be no tantrum on this day! I was happy playing my priest but also sad knowing that I really wouldn't have much reason to be logging her in again until 5.4. Tuesday was a day where many guildies also finished this part of the chain!

Raiding is going well. This week we killed 2 new bosses and got Genetically Unmodified Organism (still need to fix that addon!) Out first night of real attempts on Iron Qon went well, hopefully next time we see him he will die!

I spent some time with my Call Blizzard team over the weekend and got a bunch of wins. It was fun! I had forgotten how fun PvP pet battles can be. A little (not much) progress towards 1000 PvP pet battles won.

I also did some real PvP. An old friend, Taloski, transferred to Saurfang! He joined Frostwolves and we were invited to do some BG's with Navi, Sev and Shab. It was fun!

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