Tuesday, September 3, 2013

AMG An Achievement; Or, Tiny Evils - How Death Knights Bring Out Luxy's Dark Side

I started leveling a Goblin Death Knight a couple of weeks ago. Initially I was just planning to level her via XP gained from gathering herbs and ore, but then I got to thinking about things I still needed to do before 5.4 comes out. PvP pet battles... having played 560 games for Deadly Pet Brawler with the same comp, a Call Blizzard team that I wrote about awhile ago. I still had so just under half to go and I figured I might as well work on it.
Tiny, evil Luxypox!
I hadn't even been doing my weekly PvP quest so I knew slow wasn't the way to go, I just had to throw myself in to it. I decided to try out the reviled triple Direhorns. I'm sorry! Almost every win made me feel guilty, the only teams I enjoyed beating with my Direhorns were the ones with cocky names! 'Lol', 'Pwned' and 'Yoass' and other similar names. Oh, and other triple Direhorns but who am I to hate on them? I was switching back to my Call Blizz team quiet often when I would encounter to many mechanicals.

It didn't take long or it did, I don't know. I tend to repress any kind of grinding memories.

My 1000th win awarded a stone!
Luxypox is currently 81 and on hiatus for now (maybe) while she gains some rested XP, then she will tank her way to 90. Would love to get a chance to tank some flex raids!


  1. I got to 250 pvp wins a couple weeks ago and think I'm gonna stop there. I got the pet and I just don't think I have the patience to do 1,000!

    Kudos to you and ur amazing new achieve!

    Love that screenshot too :)

    1. Thanks!! I didn't think I could keep going after the pet either. I don't remember where the rest came from before I started back up again recently! No memories!

      When I ran through the portal at the Ebon Hold I was like 'WHAT IS THIS SHINIES!?!' I took so many pics!

  2. Nice pic and grats on the achievement. I've noticed the PVP battle quest has been buggy with giving credit on a win but at least it still counts on the Brutal Pet Brawler tally.

    1. I honestly hadn't done the weekly more than 3 times, so I hadn't noticed but that really sucks! At least they count for the achievement though!

  3. That is a truly wonderful name.