Monday, September 2, 2013

DayZ - Survival Journal 1-7

Day 1:
I had to flee the ship today, the crew are sick. It looks like whatever we were sent to investigate made it onboard. Three teams of five have been sent out on reconnaissance missions. Only one soldier returned. Was he infected? My only chance now is to survive on Taviana. I have no supplies as there was no time in the madness of the outbreak. I can't go back now. It's getting dark, I need a place to sleep.

Day 2:
I found a barn not far from the coast. I looked around for anything that might be useful to me. I found a hatchet on the lower level. I slept upstairs in the barn on a pile of straw. It itches but it's a bed. There is water outside. Tomorrow I need to find food.

Day 3: 
I spent the day looking for food. All I found was a can of Frank and Beans and a couple of sodas. I also found a backpack in the store. I put my rations in the pack and I walked back to the barn. I will eat half now and save the rest for tomorrow.

Day 4:
I went from house to house today. I found the body of one of our soldiers laying on the bed in a small house not far from the barn. His supply pack was next to him with his guns, an M14 and a revolver. I tried not to look at him as I picked up his belongings, but I couldn't help noticing a wound on his forearm. Looking closer I could see it was a bite. I covered his body. He was part of the second crew sent out. They called him Vick, though I didn't know him past a 'Hello'. Back at the barn I checked his pack.

Water bottle
2 cans of sardines 

Day 5:
Until today, I hadn't seen a 'living' zombie, and I didn't just see one. Five of them were feasting on something, I wasn't going to get close enough to find out what or whom. As I turned to walk the other way I stepped on a branch, my stomach sank. Had they heard me? Apparently I wasn't as interesting as their meal and I walked back to the barn to rifle through the small toolbox I found at a gas station.

Day 6:
I found a city today, according to the map I am in Sabina. I'm spending the night in a church. It seems safe enough. I found more food and ammunition in a shopping mall that was mostly cleared out. The ammo looks the same as the rounds I am carrying for Vick's revolver.

Day 7:
I awoke to gunshots this morning. They sounded close, I was frightened. I'm not trained for combat but I can fire my weapon and hopefully hit my mark should I need to though I don't want to. (It might have been months before I was taken to land, if and when a secure base was built.) I spent most of the day prone between two pews, waiting for the doors to open. They didn't and as night falls I am going to try to make my way out of the city.