Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AMG! Achievements Aplenty!

PATCH WEEEEEEEEEEK! So many points! The Timeless Isle is kind of awesome. I've had a lot of fun this week, I can forget the negative stuff, but patches sure can bring out the worst in people. I'm glad I have a lot friends who aren't awful at patch times to make up for the behaviour I have encountered from randoms.

This is one achievement I actually wanted to see ding on my screen, I probably should have caged a few of my cats so I could relearn them to get the achievement, instead I completely forgot about it until Navi asked me if we had it... I hate you hindsight!

I wrote about this one on the weekend! Which reminds me, it's time for another Hai-Clue!

The Rope-Bound chest was a little trouble, and some guy kept laughing at me! /cry

Honestly, I don't remember this achievement at all, so I guess it just happened!

 Clicking on clicky things gets you achievements without any effort at all!

I've found three of the four artifacts, you can still see the ones you have collected which is a little annoying! I get excited every time I see the shinies!

I love easy points! The hardest part of this one was avoiding the scary elites while trying to click on a Fiery Altar of Ordos.

Wowhead has a pretty awesome map of all of the chests on the Isle. After I got the achievement, I ran around collecting all of them! So many BoA's!

 This was fun! I needed help with a couple of the mobs which I couldn't solo, yay guildies!

So much fire. Everywhere. Random mobs that were pulled onto the group where deadlier than the actual boss.

Having 3 of the blessings by the weekend, I decided on Saturday to just camp at a wayshrine and click it every 10 minutes until I got it. It was about an hour and a half of frog killing before I got the last blessing I needed, Yu'lon.

I purchased the Censer of Eternal Agony and found a high point to use it and jump down to kill myself to drop the buff! Then I afk'ed for 5 minutes while my pvp flag wore off.

I wasn't sure I was going to get this done this week. I tried a few times and was frustrated when I had to restart so I gave up pretty easily. I set aside some time on Saturday to get it done. I am already looking forward to never having to do it again, but 3 pets to go...

This one was interesting, I had a little trouble with it, but finally got there!

Winged Veluxia

I was quite lazy about logging on my Priest to get the legendary cloak. I completely forgot that if I had the cloak on one toon, it meant any others could kill Ordos! So I logged on to Veluxia on Wednesday night so Luxygaga could kill Ordos for a chance at shinies! I was lucky enough to find a group just starting... at midnight... on Dath'Remar! Killing the four Celestials was fast and then I needed to collect 5000 Timeless Coins. After farming coins on my Shaman all day, I wasn't excited for more, especially not on my healer, but it wasn't so bad, with most of the coins coming from quest hand ins. 

THE WINGS! They are so pretty! Seriously wishing I had been a little more serious about my Shaman a lot earlier. Oh, well! Only a couple of weeks until she gets her cloak! /fingers crossed.

Looking back over this I wonder if I should have saved some for the rest of the patch... though I still haven't tried Proving Grounds yet, so I have something to do next week! 

Achievements weren't all I was hunting this week, pets were pretty high on my priority list, although I wasn't having much luck early on. By the weekend, I only had the 3 wild pets from the Timeless Isle, Lil' Bling and an Azure Crane Chick.

This post is already long enough without posting pictures of all the pets I did end up with after week 1, so here is a list!

Lil' Bling - My 32 Blingtron 4000 Gift Package hoarding alts paid off... barely! #27 gave me the pet.
Ashwing Moth - First one I battled was rare!
Flamering Moth - Still looking for a rare...
Skywisp Moth - I used my sneaky mount/glider skills to get this one! I battled 10 or so before I found a rare.
Azure Crane Chick - I farmed the nests for hours and I didn't find a pet... I purchased this one on the AH, but I will still have to farm one for the achievement, Going to need a bigger bag. (Looks fun, right?)
Bonkers - I spent a lot of coins on Kukuru's Cache Keys to get this! RNG was not on my side. 
Death Adder Hatchling - Dropped from the fourth Imperial Python I killed.
Swarmling of Gu'chi - I saw this rare about 15 times before I actually got close enough to hit it before it died! First kill gave me the pet!
Jademist Dancer - I spent a bit of time farming these mobs, but no luck. I decided on Sunday to kill these mobs for my daily, Path of the Mistwalker. It dropped on the 18th kill of the day!
Ominous Flame - All the time spent waiting for Zarhym, was also spent farming this little cutie!
Skunky Alemental - Honestly, no idea how I got this pet. I know where it comes from, Zhu-Gon the Sour, but I hadn't killed the rare yet and I don't remember learning it. Weirdness!
Zao, Calfling of Niuzao - After completing the Celestial Tournament, I chose Zao! So cute!

Still lots of pets left to collect, a lot of rares to farm items from, and some more achievements, hopefully I will have something to post about next week! 


  1. Grats on all those achievements. Ever so slightly jealous on your pet collection. It seems that the fickle Gods of RNG aren't favouring me at the moment.

    1. Hopefully you get lucky with pets soon! Some of the new ones are super cute!

  2. Grats on your healer cloak, I see you changed your mog to match :)
    How odd that you can't remember collecting the Skunky pet. I managed to get 2 from kills yesterday so I was happy.

    1. Thanks! I would prefer to have the DPS cloak on my Shaman but she isn't lucky with Runestones!

      Still don't know how I got the pet, but I'm hoping more pets randomly appear :P

  3. Grats on all your achieves! I am lazy about the pets atm - so many other things that are distracting me! But I will try to remedy that today! :)

  4. All those pets...*sigh* it almost seems like work! Best get back to it. Grats on all the achieves!

    1. Thanks! It certainly felt like work! Now to level them... >.<

  5. Gratz on all the achieves!
    I got quite a few to work on still. I'm having no luck with the pets are rare items dropping off the rares. I only got a couple items and no pets. RNG gods hate me!

    1. I expect my RNG luck for loot in SoO will suck because of these pets!