Monday, September 16, 2013

Zarhym Altogether

I'd seen Zarhym a handful of times while I'd been in the Cavern of Lost Spirits. Twice I got to him as he disappeared and twice I attempted to complete the event but failed, so I camped alts there to log in and out every so often to check if Zarhym was up.
The Cavern of Lost Spirits is located at 64.42, just north of the Celestial Court.
If you haven't already spent time in the cavern or are just cave challenged in general, I suggest getting acquainted with the path before attempting this. It's a daily, and if you fail, you can't retry until the next day.
Clicking on the skull gives you the option to enter the spirit world.
Upon entering the Spirit World, you are tasked with finding Zarhym's body! You have 5 minutes to do so. You gain a debuff that has the timer on it so no need to waste any time with the stopwatch.
Chests are located throughout the cavern when in the spirit world.
I ignored most of the Spirit Chests and focused on getting to the end. I received coins and BoA epics from the chests I did loot. You remain in the spirit world after you find the body so you should have time to collect a few!
These ghosties are blocking the way to Zarhym's body!
The Timeless Spirits move quite slowly and each one has a varying amount of space to squeeze past. (Look out, Tauren!) While you have the debuff, you have slowfall, keep this in mind when jumping off any ledges that you aren't going to land inside the ghosts aura. If they attack you, they will knock you out of the spirit world. Fast reflexes and a Salyin Battle Banner can get you out of combat with them, otherwise you can't out run them and will fail the event.
Zarhym's skeleton! Click the shiny to complete!
It's a little tricky getting to the body, but take your time watching the paths of the spirits, 5 minutes is plenty of time.
10 points!

 Hooray! Another one down... my weekly achievement post is looking long!


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    1. Thanks! So glad I never have to do it again now :P

  2. Grats! I saw Zarhym ONCE but I was with Arv and he ninja'd it!