Monday, September 16, 2013

DayZ - Survival Journal 15-21

DayZ 1-7, 8-14
Day 15:
I found a library and I couldn't resist, I spent most of the day browsing the shelves, flicking through some classics and selecting a handful of books to take with me, nothing too heavy to lug around. A quiet library is the closest glimpse to normalcy since I arrived in Taviana, but there is no strict librarian to shush any noise, to make sure I checked the books out or remind me to return them within 2 weeks but I will return them.

Day 16:
I've been thinking about where to go from here. The island to the west or North to Etanovsk. My trips to Sabina and surrounding towns are becoming less and less fruitful. The smaller towns have been cleaned out, most of them before I arrived and Sabina has been slim pickings. There are places I could check, boarded up restaurants, taverns and cafes, but I've heard noises as I walk past them. If there are people in there, they won't welcome me.

Day 17:
I left Sabina today. I took the road heading north and didn't look back. It was the closest route out of the city and I wasn't going to dally or argue when I was told to leave. Three men whose faces were hidden made sure I understood the importance of not to returning to Sabina. I wondered if these men had anything to do with the burnt truck. I wasn't going to ask.

Day 18:
I spent the night last night in a diner in Novibor. The only food to be found was inedible. Half-finished meals and open containers of spoiled ingredients. The refrigerator stunk of sour milk and something I never want to smell again. However, I did find some cans of food in some houses surrounding the diner.

Day 19: 
I traveled to Solibor today. Shortly after arriving, my bicycle was stolen. I left it outside of a supermarket, when I emerged it was gone. I wasn't inside for more than 10 minutes. I didn't hear a sound nor did I suspect I wasn't alone here. The next part of my journey is west to Etanovsk, and it's a long one, and now even longer as I have to walk. I am sleeping in the church here tonight, or at least attempting to rest.

Day 20:
I'm spending the night in an abandoned car on the road between Solibor and Etanovsk. The car has no fuel and a flat tyre. I feel safer here than I have anywhere else in Taviana. There are fewer zombies out here where the houses are few and far between.

Day 21: 
A plane flew over today! Flying south. I wished I had some flares to attract its attention but do I want their attention? It seems no one can be trusted in Taviana. Is there a chance there are more survivors somewhere? North?