Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AMG! Achievements!

Second week of patch is never as successful as the first on the points front, but I am happy with the ones I did get.
Finishing this achievement made me quite happy. I had spent a great deal of time on it, it was good to finally put it behind me. 
FINALLY! After months of trying and avoiding Scarlet Monastery, we finally had a run where everything fell in to place! One left for the mount for a few of us!
I spent Saturday running around looking for the last lost artifact I needed, I found 20 or so of the ones I already had before finally finding the Snowdrift Tiger Talons. An ally who I had seen at several of the spawn points, was trying to find a way to get to them without aggroing the mobs that were around them, knowing it wasn't a cast and you just needed to click, I ran straight in and felt a little bad getting the achievement right in front of her.
Woo... LFR! 

Pets wise, let's see:
Gooey Sha-ling - I purchased this pretty cheaply from someone in trade.
Droplet of Y'Shaarj - This pet was bugged and dropping in LFR. I found one fairly cheap and grabbed it before the price jumped when they were hotfixed.
Gulp Froglet - Finally made it to Bufo in time!
Still a bunch to go, and still no sprite pet! 

Not feeling much better about Elemental DPS, and being last to cleanse my corruption on Norushen isn't making me feel any better. I did get a lot of upgrades over the wekeend but haven't had much chance to see how they are in raid. Hopefully this week sees a vast improvement otherwise I might need some hugs. 

This week I wrote a piece of fiction to submit to the writing competition at The Wyvern's Tale. If you haven't entered yet, check it out! The prizes are awesome and include an amazing custom watercolour of your toon! There is still a week to get your entries in. Possibly at some point I will post my entry for everyone to laugh at!

Next week; Proving grounds? I don't know why I haven't had any interest in them thus far. I was pretty excited when I read about them months ago, but haven't stepped foot in one yet!


  1. Grats on all those - and the achievement DOES look nicer in the achievement tab format instead of the screenshot version :)

    Sigh, pets on the isle. I don't think they exist.

  2. So rare, and getting to the rares for a chance at the rare pets is even rarer!