Monday, September 23, 2013

DayZ - Survival Journal 22-28

Day 22: 
I made it to Etanovsk. I found a tent in the supermarket on the outskirts of the town. I have set it up for tonight 800 metres into the treeline on the other side of town. Tomorrow I will head in to see what I can salvage.

Day 23: 
The school here in Etanovsk is possibly the most disturbing place I have been to so far. Where there should be sounds of children learning and playing, the eerie silence filled me with dread. As I was leaving, a zombie walked up the stairs. I loathed to shoot a gun in a school, so I walked the other way to avoid it.

Day 24:
Today I walked from house to house, Etanovsk is quiet. There are very few zombies, and little sign that some of these houses were inhabited for some time before the outbreak. There were cans of food, soup and beans. My pack is heavy with rations. I leave some behind. I can come back.

Day 25:
I searched a yard filled with shipping containers for anything I might find useful. I found mechanical parts, rotten fruit and crates of women's clothing, not my style. I could use a change of clothes, but I pass. The mechanical parts had me wishing I had any clue about repairing cars. In my old life, if I needed my car repaired, there was a garage around the corner. A car would make traveling faster.

Day 26:
I found a payphone. I picked up the receiver, but of course, there was no dial tone. I walked away thinking about my family back home. Will I ever see them again?

Day 27:
I found a car with the keys in the ignition and with a missing wheel, I spent the whole day looking for a wheel. I walked to several different garages before I found one on a car outside of the school. I pushed it along the road, as I carried 2 jerrycans back to the yellow hatchback.

Day 28:
Today was spent going back through all of the houses and stores. I found some blankets and a pillow. Some comforts I have rarely enjoyed in Taviana. I'll pack up my tent in the morning and get on the road early.