Saturday, September 21, 2013

Deck Your Collection: Part 4 - Mingus Diggs

It was months between collecting the cards and completing this fight. The others were all done in a couple of days but this one... just was not my fight. I kept going back for him. Once, twice a week, whenever I got an upgrade or two. I was consistently getting to enrage with -1% on the last statue...

Mingus Diggs
Challenge Card: Mingus Diggs
This fight looks pretty but I hated before I started it because I had to level Archeology on my alt to get the card for it. Then I started it and I hated it some more. I hated it a little more each time I died to it. You need to kill all 4 statues within the arena to break the shield on Mingus Diggs so you can DPS him down! Each statue has 4.4 million health to get through before you can kill Mingus, who only has a pitiful 827.3k HP! The statues will be actively shooting a stacking debuff at you, standing next to one deactivates it so it won't be doing any damage.

I started at The Obsidian Peregrine (SE) keeping it inactive while I popped all of my offensive cooldowns on The Untiring Watcher (NE) and moved across to Remains of Ajassa (SW) to kill The Golden Ram of Nahom (NW), then moving back to deactivate The Obsidian Peregrine (SE) while I killed it before turning back to Remains of Ajassa (SW), finishing it up then moving on to Mingus. Confused much? I used Shamanistic Rage, Astral shift, Ancestral Guidanceand Healing Tide Totem in that order for each statue and I still died on the kill... but IT'S DONE!

Reward: Digmaster's Bodysleeve, Gigantic Sack of Coins (900g) and 50 Valor Points.
They love me! They're throwing glitter confetti at me! Oh, wait a minute...

 Was this shirt really worth it?
'Can you dig it?'
Nope. Maybe Cymre Jones will like hers! :P

Defeating all 12 of the bosses grants an achievement which rewards you with... AMG ANOTHER SHIRT! (That's 13 bag slots people! Think long and hard about this if you are a hoarder...)

'Only rewarded to the top ranking champions of 
the Brawler's Guild.'
Two achievements and two bosses left to brawl. Don't hold your breath for my next Brawler's Guild post!


  1. Oh congrats! I've tried the fight a few times and it's my last one also. LOL, I saw the shirt and thought hmm, I wonder how Cym will like hers :)

    1. If anyone will like it, it has to be Cym!

      It's a tough fight for sure! Hope you get it soon!

  2. Grats! I don't think I'll be doing these anytime soon (like EVER) so it's exciting reading about other people doing it :)