Thursday, October 17, 2013

DayZ - Survival Journal 36-42

Day 36:
I spent the night in one of the earlier apartments I searched. I had 3 cans of food in my pack, I will need to find more. I cried, for the first time since I arrived here. I'm basically starting all over, with little more than I arrived here with.

Day 37:
There is plenty of canned food to be found in the apartments still. It feels like I have won the lottery when I find a can of Frank and Beans. So sick of sardines and plain baked beans. I carry what I can, eat if I am hungry and leave some behind, keeping notes so I can come back.

Day 38:
The Ferris Wheel in the centre of the city looks to have been disused for many years before the outbreak. I couldn't help but wonder what life was like in Taviana before this happened. It's hard to imagine Taviana as anything but bleak.

Day 39:
I hoped to find something useful in some lockers I found. They were practically empty but I can use them for storage while I am staying close by.

Day 40:
The stadium here in Lyepestok reminds me of football games I attended with my family as a child. I spent a long time sitting, thinking about them. There were zombies around the kiosks on either side, I considered fighting my way through but I wasn't sure what could really be left worth taking.

Day 41:
I found a store filled with packaged food past its expiration date. It looked as if someone had tried to sample it. Was it the couple who hijacked my car? Will a time come when hunger will force me to this?

Day 42: 
I need a new car, for travel purposes only. I can't rely on it as a means of storage. I need to be prepared to lose it all again, but I also need to be prepared to fight for it all. Tomorrow I will check the scrap yards for anything that can be salvaged.


  1. This surviving thing is surprisingly interesting to read! I never though I would be interested in hearing about you building secret hideaways and stealing cars!

    1. I love writing it!

      It's a really fun game! I felt like I was probably boring you with it on the phone though!