Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AMG! Meta Achievements!

First thing when I logged on Wednesday morning, I also opened up OpenRaid chat. I saw a run for ToT achievements so I sent a tell and was invited. I didn't expect much, I try not to expect much with PuG's. If I get one achievement, I am usually happy enough with the time spent. The 6 hours I spent in there turned out to be totally worth it.
On Friday morning I signed up for another OpenRaid group. this time for MSV achievements, we managed to get all but one that people were after. The hardest one sadly, hopefully next time! 
After a lucky drop in Flex wing 2 on Thursday night, I decided to give Disruptron another shot. One shot it! Just Ahoo'ru left in Brawler's Guild for me!
Sunday - More raiding! A heroic Sha of Fear kill. What a scary fight! We were pleasantly surprised to also get The Mind Killer.
An awesome surprise from Navi! She was sitting out of raid when she told me to drop my mailbox mid raid! It was on cooldown still so I asked Moo to drop his Moll-E. Moon Moon!
Sparkle, sparkle!
Also this week, my Warlock made Pierre and somewhere I picked up a cheap Harmonious Porcupette!

I acquired three new mounts this week. Sky Golem, Reins of the Onyxian Drake and Riding Turtle. I might have to slow down on the spending for a little while to replenish the coffers!

I will try some more OpenRaids next week. I wonder how long I can keep up this achievement spam for?


  1. Holy crap that's a lot of achievements and grats on the pets and mounts!

    1. It was as good as a patch week! With much less stress of rushing to get everything done!

  2. Definitely not going to be able to catch you now =P Grats on all da points!

  3. Gosh look at that amazing achievement spam! Grats Luxy! I think it was BETTER than patch week!

  4. That is a lot of points for someone that already has as many as you!

  5. so so many achieves grats!
    Moon Moon so cute!