Monday, October 14, 2013

Turtle Power

I have been spending all mah goldz! Well, not all but I have been spending quite a bit of it recently. My latest purchase was a Riding Turtle that I saw on Saurfang's BMAH. The turtle comes from the TCG Expansion: Heroes of Azeroth, and much like the Magic Rooster Egg, which I purchased not so long ago, I wasn't planning to ever buy the cards.

I had already planned to spend my Saturday playing DayZ Epoch with friends, so I put 100k on it and logged off. DayZ was fun, and I didn't give WoW a second thought while I was hunting for supplies to build my new base, until I noticed the time! Challenge Modes! As I was logging in I remembered and quickly tabbed out to check how much it had gone for. 100k! I flew to the closest mailbox (well done engineer...) and picked up my new ride. I didn't have a chance to use it though, as I loaded in, Navimie invited me to group and it was time to head to Shado-Pan Monastery. I obviously couldn't use it in the outdoor parts of the instance, Navi might yell at me for being slow! 'Luxxxxxyyyyyyy... Why are you taking so long!?'
Slow and steady...
This turtle is slowwwwwww! I used to do AV with a friend who had this mount in Vanilla. Any time someone would ask for help, he would exclaim 'On my way!', mount his turtle and barely get there in time. Frustratingly awesome. Don't worry, I won't be doing that. Not for a long while anyway, I have some farming to do and not the honor kill kind!


  1. I remember that mount :) in vanilla a guildie had that mount and I liked it so much I made a video about it! That guildie was fue's brother and he doesn't play anymore but the video is forever :)

  2. I wish I hadn't forgotten to log back in late last night. One was on our BMAH but I was tired and forgot to check the bid.

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