Sunday, October 13, 2013

Now You're Just Showing Off

The Brawler's Guild achievements have the best names! When I first started brawling, Now You're Just Showing Off seemed impossible. I dreaded the day when I would be able to fight them. Having finished it, I am glad I don't have to fight these bad boys again!

Millhouse Manastorm
This fight was fun. Simple enough concept not always so simple to execute. Blocking Millhouse from the crystals gives you a buff and prevents him from receiving it. Ideally they would spawn in a position where you could block 2 at once, if not kill the one you can't reach. It only took a couple of attempts before I got him down. It's super fun pew pewing him with 100 stacks of Power Overwhelming.
Giant Shaman!
Not going to lie, I cheated. There is a spot in the southeast corner where you won't get his by the eye beam, you simply need to strafe to avoid the voidzones. I read the WoWhead comments for this fight after giving it a few shots and got it over with quickly!
So many eyes, can't decide which one to poke...
Epicus Maximus
Ooooh, Epicus. I found Pure Rock'n Roll to be the biggest problem for me on this fight, they were everywhere, always exploding on me! It took many attempts. Staying out of Destructolaser's path and interrupting Blue Crush, are the only other things you need to worry about on this fight. 
An Undead rockstar riding a Laser-Sharkasaurus-Rex!
Dahahka spent a lot of time watching me on this fight, giving advice and encouraging me. You need to jump the red lasers and avoid the glowing orbs which shoot across from the corners, and don't stand too close to the centre or you will get stunned (Static Charge). I logged in one morning and DID IT! At least, I did enough DPS to kill THE WRONG TARGET, while avoiding the ouchies and beating the enrage timer... so, make sure you DPS the right target! It was several months between my Epicus kill and this kill. I would try every so often, get frustrated and leave. Some new loot had me feeling confident and I went in and one shot it. I used all of my survival cooldowns in the first 50% to keep myself alive in case I got hit by anything, then at 50%, popped all of my DPS cooldowns and blew him up!
So much bad to avoid.
25 points!
There is just one fight left for me in the Brawler's Guild, I gave it a couple of shots on the weekend. I'm fairly confident if I put some time in to it, I can do it soon, but... I want to play DayZ!


  1. Congratulations on your latest accomplishments in there. I see people doing them from time to time but I haven't been back lately. Maybe one day soon.

    1. Thanks! I wish there were more bosses to work on now! I love Brawler's Guild but I don't want to work on Ahoo'ru just yet!

      Think about the 25 points for finishing this one! I might have tried even harder if I had known!